New Home Paving

New Home Paving Project completed by SA Paving

SA Paving recently had the privilege of doing a completely new home paving project for a family that was about to take occupation of their new home.

The project required driveway paving, walkway paving around the home, an additional pathway around the home, and patio and pool surrounds paving.

Our Paving Concepts & Design Specialist was instrumental in assisting the homeowners with finding the right combination of brick and stone colours to match the look of the home and the practical requirements of each area of the home.

Driveway Paving bricks arrive on site

Driveway Paving

The driveway paving consisted of a total area of 48m2, using SABS approved Grade A bricks.

For the primary area (fill area) we used Large Urban Pavers 400mm x 300mm (Granite colour).

The border trim was done with Small Urban Pavers 200mm x 100mm (Granite Colour).

Pool Surrounds Paving Area Completed

Pool Area Paving

The area surrounding the swimming pool was paved with Estcourt Flagstones 500mm x 500mm (Portland Grey). 

The trim area was done with Estcourt Coping Flagstones 500mm x 500mm (Charcoal).

The total area of the pool surrounds paving is 54m2.

Due to the fact that the pool was being built at the same time, SA Paving only supplied the bricks and coordinated with the pool contracting company to do the installation.

Walkway Paving

Pathway Paving Leading Up To The House

The pathway paving leading up to the house was one slab wide and SABS approved Grade A Ibanzi Flagstone  1000mm x 500mm (Portland Grey) were used in combination with Cosmopolitan Cobble 111mm x 111mm (Portland Grey) for the border area.

Paved Walkway around the house

Paved Walkway Around The House

The paved walkway is a large area around the home with some additional living areas added in too.

The total area comprised of 194m2 of Cobble Stone Pavers 200mm x 100mm in a mixture of Charcoal and Grey.

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