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How Paving Cleaning And Repair Can Help You Enjoy Brand New Looking Paved Areas At A fraction Of The Cost Of Repaving

Introducing PAVE KLEEN by SA Paving.

Have your paved areas deteriorated through the years and are now looking old, dirty or broken down?

This often happens when your driveway is exposed to heavy vehicle traffic and tyre marks through the years. Or if you stay in windy areas where soil is deposited on your driveway often.

Shifts or sagging of ground underneath the paved area can also wreak havoc and break bricks or make the area inaccessible.

Replacing your driveway paving, patio paving or any other paved area can be very expensive.

But you may not need to spend big money on new paving.

The SA Paving PAVE KLEEN system has saved many homeowners thousands of Rands through the years with their highly effective paving cleaning and paving repair methods.

Paving cleaning
Hosing and cleaning brick pavers

Always Choose a Reputable Paving Company and Get the Work Done Right

How The PAVE KLEEN System Works To Make You Proud Of Your Paved Areas Once More

SA Paving is dedicated to assisting you in maintaining the appearance and condition of your paving with the PAVE KLEEN system. This effective cleaning process consists of five steps:

  • We Pave Kleen your paving using a multi-purpose degreasing agent and/or an industrial cleaning agent. The choice of product depends on the severity of the stains.
  • An industrial quality high-pressure cleaner and polisher are used to clean, buff and polish the paved area. Machine brush chemicals assist in this process.
  • Any sagged, dipped or cracked paving is then repaired or replaced.
  • Following the Pave Kleen and repairs, the paving is regrouted.
  • The final step in the process is to seal the paving using a ONE OF A KIND sealant.

The end result is that your paved areas look as good as new again and your home entrances or entertainment areas are ready to proudly welcome guests and friends once more.

Cleaning driveway with power washer equipment
Contrast between patio paving slabs which have been pressured washed before and after cleaning

Our Customer Feedback

We take pride in providing our customers with the best paving experience. Here is what they have to say.

"I would like to compliment Trosia and his crew who did this job a couple of weeks ago. They worked quickly, efficiently, there was minimum disruption to me and the general clearing of site at the end of the job was excellent.

I can recommend SA Paving without reservation.

It has been a pleasure dealing with your company."
SA Paving Background
Mary Casson
"Thanks for good workmanship. It is now almost 3 years later and you still came out to redo a small area of brick paving that became uneven. The rest of the area still looks as good as the day you finished it.."
Marius Wessels
"SA Paving recently did the paving at my house and BOY am I IMPRESSED! From beginning to end everything ran smoothly and the job was completed prior to the estimated time.

Allowances were made to work around my dogs as I had no-where to put them. All in all, there is not a single person I dealt with at SA Paving who did not knock my socks off with their exceptional customer service.

I am so pleased that I decided to use SA Paving rather than a few others who’s quotes may have been slightly less than that from SA Paving, but they certainly did not put in the added effort to secure my work or provide the finishing touches which SA Paving have done."
Veronica King - Cape Town
"I am very impressed with the work SA PAving have done on our driveway. It looks stunning. Lucky and his crew are excellent, extremely hard working and very professional. It was a pleasant experience to have the guys on site."
Leandra Stacey-Khoury

Let your outdoor areas sparkle again.

We do paving cleaning and repair for any home even if your original paving was not done by us.

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