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Do you need a brand new paved driveway?

Aesthetics and beauty count when installing a new residential driveway, after all, it is the first area people usually see when visiting your home.  

But be sure that your paving is cost-effective and that the investment adds value to your home.

Before you can take the bold step of laying new driveway paving at your home there are 5 things to consider:

  1. Which brick pavers are best for your driveway and home?
  2. What layout pattern will you use?
  3. Which colour combinations work best?
  4. Ensure you add investment value to your home.
  5. Which residential driveway paving contractor to choose?

On this page, we will provide you with pre-project guidance and help you get your paving project underway.

5 Important Things To Consider Before You Get Started

It is well worth preparing and having a general idea for your driveway paving project before contacting a paving contractor.

If you get stuck in any way or just perhaps want to share some ideas, please give SA Paving a call on 0800 024 000.

We will appoint an experienced SA Paving Concepts & Design Specialist to assist you with your project. 

1.Which Brick Pavers Will Work Best For Your Home?

There are many types of pavers and bricks to choose from and ideally you would want to choose a brick type that will last long and look fantastic for many years.

Your SA Paving Concepts & Design Specialist can help you find the right solution for your home and your budget.

Below are the top 3 most popular driveway pavers that homeowners often choose.

The Most Popular Driveway Brick Pavers

Cottage Stone

Cottage Stone

This paver is highly cost-effective and has a smooth finish and a variety of colours that make it ideal for driveways, walkways, patios and commercial applications.

Only 33 blocks per m2 of paving are required.

Masonique Vintage Rust Mix


Masonique is strong and durable, with a bevel on each side thus chipped or damaged pavers can be turned over and reused. It comes in a variety of colours and is ideal for driveways, walkways, patios, and commercial applications.

Bevel Bond Pavers Grey

Bevel Bonds

The Bevel Bond Paver is one of the most economical pavers on the market and is the standard paver used in many residential driveways and walkways. Available in grey, black, brown, tan, red, multi-blend, autumn-blend and sahara.

2. Select The Perfect Layout Pattern For Your Home

The variety of different layout patterns are almost endless but it does depend on the type and size of pavers or bricks you use.

Using a variation of brick sizes gives you even more options.

Below are the 4 patterns that are most often used for driveway paving.

The Top 4 Paving Layout Patterns

Square Bond Residential Paving

Square Bond

For use with a single-sized square paver.

Stretcher Bond Residential Driveway Paving Pattern

Stretcher Bond

For use with a single-sized square paver.

Herringbone Residential Driveway Paving Pattern


Suitable pattern for various sizes of rectangular bricks.

Basketweave Residential Driveway Paving Pattern


Classy layout style for rectangular bricks.

3. Colour Combinations Can Make a Big Aesthetic Difference

The most fun part of your paving project is usually the choosing of a colour combination that suits your layout pattern and also the design style of your home.

You can use different colour bricks to help you demarcate certain areas like creating parking bays or highlighting an area for a specific type of usage area.

A Few Colour Pattern Ideas For You

Urban Residential Driveway Paver

Brick With Colour

These Urban Pavers have their own colour variation on the brick so do not require a colour combination.



Flat or raised borders work well with a 2 colour mix. Charcoal & grey is an excellent colour combination.

Residential Paving Colour Inlay

Colour Inlay

Ideal for demarcating parking areas or adding a well-balanced trimmed border look to your paved areas.

Residential Driveway Paving Pattern - Fan Shape

Getting Creative

2 and 3 colour circular, fan, and half moon shapes can work lovely with certain styles of homes.

4. Its A Capital Investment,
So Make Sure That it Is!

Once your paving has been installed, you want to be sure it will enhance the value of your home and will last a very long time. Ensure that you use a reputable contractor to do the work for you.

At SA Paving we make sure your driveway paving will last.

  • We only use A-grade bricks and above.
  • We offer a 25-year guarantee on our workmanship.
  • We lay an edge beam to make sure your paving remains in place. 
  • We use the best equipment throughout including heavy duty compactors.
25 Year SA Paving Guarantee

5. Choose The Right Paving Contractors

With more than 45 years of experience as South Africa’s paving company of choice, you can be assured that SA Paving will lay the perfect residential driveway paving for you.

  • We stick to strict timeframes and deadlines.
  • On-site cleanliness is paramount for us, during the project and afterward.
  • Our paving teams are well vetted, honest, and hardworking so you do not have to be concerned about security issues.
  • The Project Supervisor will inspect your project throughout its installation and ensure that everything is completed to the highest standards.
  • Your appointed SA Paving Concepts & Design Specialist will work with you from idea to ideation and will be your primary point of contact throughout the project.
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SA Paving – a team you can trust for your paving project.

What Will Your SA Paving Concepts & Design Specialist Do For You?

Once you complete and submit the “Get Your FREE Quote” form below, your Concepts & Design Specialist will provide you with: 

  • An idea sharing telephone session
  • A site visit to understand the scope of your needs
  • Brick and stone sample ideas to suit your paving area
  • Creative input on how to make the most of your project area
  • Discuss any engineering requirements where applicable
  • Measuring of your installation space
  • Sketch-up of your new paving installation
  • A cost estimate to suit your investment budget
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Start Your Paving Project Today!

When you submit this form an SA Paving Concepts & Design Specialist will contact you to discuss your project.

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Our Customer Feedback

We take pride in providing our customers with the best paving experience. Here is what they have to say.

"I would like to compliment Trosia and his crew who did this job a couple of weeks ago. They worked quickly, efficiently, there was minimum disruption to me and the general clearing of site at the end of the job was excellent.

I can recommend SA Paving without reservation.

It has been a pleasure dealing with your company."
Mary Casson
"Thanks for good workmanship. It is now almost 3 years later and you still came out to redo a small area of brick paving that became uneven. The rest of the area still looks as good as the day you finished it.."
Marius Wessels
"SA Paving recently did the paving at my house and BOY am I IMPRESSED! From beginning to end everything ran smoothly and the job was completed prior to the estimated time.

Allowances were made to work around my dogs as I had no-where to put them. All in all, there is not a single person I dealt with at SA Paving who did not knock my socks off with their exceptional customer service.

I am so pleased that I decided to use SA Paving rather than a few others who’s quotes may have been slightly less than that from SA Paving, but they certainly did not put in the added effort to secure my work or provide the finishing touches which SA Paving have done."
Veronica King - Cape Town
"I am very impressed with the work SA Paving have done on our driveway. It looks stunning. Lucky and his crew are excellent, extremely hard working and very professional. It was a pleasant experience to have the guys on site."
Leandra Stacey-Khoury
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