Paving Cleaning in Johannesburg

Paving Cleaning in Johannesburg

Pave Cleaning Before
Pave Cleaning Before
Paving Cleaning Before
Tyre marks and oil spills
Paving Cleaning in Johannesburg
Pave Cleaning After
The scuffed look is still intact but all tyre marks and oil spills are removed.

Paving Cleaning in Johannesburg.


Project description: 

The client needed our Pavekleen services to bring new life to a previously paved area of approximately 300 SQM.

The challenge: 

A luxury home in Waterfall Estate with a naturally scuffed look to the existing paving. However, through the years several tire skid marks and oil spills had caused the driveway to look very dirty, old, and neglected.

The solution: 

The SA Paving team came in with its advanced pave cleaning chemicals and equipment. All uneven and broken pavers were replaced or realigned.

The end result: 

The client was overjoyed to have the entrance to their home looking sparkling and new again.

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