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Commercial Paving Upgrade

Many people know SA Paving as South Africa’s most trusted residential paving company, and many have also used our specialist cleaning and repair service called PaveKlean.
However, we also have a well-established commercial and industrial paving installation & PaveKlean division.
Recently The Firs Shopping Centre in Rosebank contracted us to do a huge new paving installation, sealing, pave cleaning and repair upgrade for the outside areas of the centre, specifically in the Piazza area.
Here you can view some of the brilliant workmanship that went into this project on a step-by-step basis.
We hope you enjoy this special feature picture insert from our commercial division.
Paving Upgrade at The Firs in Rosebank

The Firs Commercial Paving Upgrade - Part 1 - Brick concepts.

Sa Paving was the brick installation sub-contractor on this project.
The architect advised us which pavers were to be used and we ensured that it was delivered to specifications.
The objective was to enhance the overall beauty of the external areas of the centre and Piazza area.
These included Slimline Urban Pavers, Piazza pavers from Corobrick and Cobble pavers from Corobrick, and others to suit the look and feel of the various centre sectors and add authenticity to what each sector wanted to achieve with its overall ambiance.
Large Smooth Ethnic Paverss

Slimline Urban 200 x 400 Pavers are extremely versatile and can be used in almost any paving area.

Bulk Bricks Stacked
Sample Brick Display

The Firs Commercial Paving Upgrade - Part 2 - Screeding & Levelling.

River sand is spread over the compacted base area, this is done to provide a cushion for the pavers to be laid on.
A straight edge is used to ensure the flatness of the area and of course to ensure the correct water drainage levels.
Screeding & Levelling
Riversand Screeding

The Firs Commercial Paving Upgrade - Part 3 -
Packing & Laying of the Bricks in the Desired Pattern.

Ensuring that the brick layouts look aesthetically pleasing is very important to the outcome of the overall project but consideration also needs to be given to natural sloping within the project area.
A well-packed surface installation can ensure that the bricks last for many more years than if they are not correctly packed.
Once the bricks have been packed, they need to be cut to fit the spaces perfectly.
Next up we will be looking at the cutting process.
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The Firs Commercial Paving Upgrade - Part 4 -
The Cutting Process.

The cutting process is where we cut the bricks and stone into their custom fit shape.
The process requires the use of angle grinders to ensure the utmost precision in the final shaping.
It is actually quite surprising how much cutting goes into creating a beautiful paving installation.
Precision Brick Cutting
Cutting Pavers

The Firs Commercial Paving Upgrade - Part 5 -
Cleaning and Clearing.

Cleaning and clearing are a large part of any paving project.
Some cleaning and clearing are necessary before the project can start, during the project it is also important to get rubble out of the way of the paving area, and afterward it is vital in order to ensure the project looks beautiful.
Often heavy machinery is required to move the heaps of rubble when old paving is removed.
Most of the cleaning and clearing was done by other contractors prior to SA Paving starting our phases of the project.
Cleaning and Clearing
Clearing the concrete debri
Cleaning and Clearing Paving
Cleaning up at The Firs
Rubble and Debris Removal by SA Paving
Cleared Paving Areas
Clearing the walkways

The Firs Commercial Paving Upgrade - Part 6 -
Project Completed,
Paved to Perfection.

When planning a major upgrade to your industrial or commercial paving areas, it is always worthwhile considering doing the project in phases, this way you minimise the disruption to tenants and shoppers because you still leave them with enough alternative access.
At The Firs we did just that, each phase was meticulously finished to perfection.
We cleaned and repaired damaged areas and installed new paving and bricks to other areas as per the project plan.
Here are some pictures of the first phases we completed.
Retail Paving Upgrade Completed
Water drain at retail paving node
Drainage for completed upgrade of walkway
Retail paving node completed

The Firs Commercial Paving Upgrade - Part 7 - Piazza Project Completed.

The final phase of our project was to upgrade the outside seating and walkway areas in one of the outside dining courts known as the Piazza.
The end result was spectacular and the restaurant owner tenants were delighted with the new ambiance the areas had.
In some photos, you can see how strikingly the different brick types, colours, and patterns combine to create an exciting new look and feel to the outside dining areas.
Commercial paving project food court upgrade
PaveKlean & Repair Upgrade
Outside dining area paving upgrade
Food court paving cleaning
Retail paving by SA Paving
Commercial Paving Project 2
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