Driveway Paving Ideas

Driveway Paving Ideas and Solutions

  • Durable, long-lasting and requires little maintenance.
    As your driveway creates the first impression of your home it is essential that you approach this decision with a well-thought-out plan and consult with the experts in the industry. SA Paving, South Africa’s leading paving company are industry leaders with 35 years of experience in residential and commercial paving. We adhere to a high standard of service excellence, quality, and workmanship. Our 25-year guarantee is a testament to our workmanship using only the highest grade of bricks.


  • Add value to your property.
    An attractive driveway can make all the difference to your home’s image. The value of a paved driveway has everything to do with perceived value and the needs of potential buyers. Buying a new home is a costly exercise, so extra expenses such as adding a driveway are often considered as a negative selling point.


  • Safe, non-slip, and weather resistant.
    SA Paving uses the highest grade, SABS-approved bricks, and pavers available from established suppliers. Pavers used are not only durable and weather-resistant but are also non-slip making them a safer alternative to loose set stone. They offer incomparable practicality over other materials such as gravel which can become muddy and unstable during wet conditions, creating uneven thoroughfares and erosion on your property.


  • Aesthetic appeal.
    At SA Paving we offer a wide range of paver materials in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colour variations. Don’t stop at your driveway, pavers can be used in a variety of applications such as patios, courtyards, walkways, and pool areas. With such an extensive range on offer at SA Paving, you can be assured of creating a unique and visually attractive driveway that creates the right impression for your home.
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