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Driveway Ideas

Driveway Paving Ideas and Solutions

How Driveway Paving Adds Value to Your Home. The entrance of your home begins with your driveway. The presentation and overall appearance of your driveway creates a lasting impression in your guests' mind and says everything about you and your family. Not only do they create the first impression of your home but attractive driveway paving also sets the visual tone and style of your home by creating a focal…

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Patio Mosaic fish Design

Mosaicing: the Ideal Way to Bring Life to a Dreary Patio

The art of mosaicing has been around for thousands of years and commonly uses a range of materials from glass, to stones, mirror and tiles. The best part about this form of decorative art is that over time it has developed in a way that it is not limited to professionals, which ultimately means that anyone with an artistic flair and a bit of patience can produce something beautiful. Mosaics…

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Paved Walkway

Pave a Perfect Path

A brick pathway cannot be seen as an accessory, but rather an extension of your home. It can be described as your personal ‘little brick road’ leading to your pièce de résistance. SA Paving is a renowned brick paving company that is able to harness this vision and turn it into a reality. All homes are unique; the architecture has been chosen in order to bolster the intended ambience and therefore,…

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