Your finished product will look flawless thanks to our experts in the concepts design department; from the quality of the brick pavers themselves, to the detailed design process, to the actual construction; we are perfectionists in our field.

However, you would never know. While our customers rightly concern themselves with what is most important to them, we put all our time and energy into the “behind-the-scenes” work; the design, preparation and construction of the foundations of your brick paving. What matters to us is keeping up the high standard of our paving, which means that your product will be able to handle what it was designed to do and look better for longer.

We ensure that the base and sub-base are strong enough, level enough and properly compacted to meet our industry leading standards. We also add in our world class edge beam restraint system for even more peace of mind.

All of our work is cement grouted, as it adds even more stability and strength while reducing the risk of subsidence; allowing your paving to look brand-new after years of use.

Positive recommendations are entirely dependent on exemplary customer service and satisfaction; which we take very seriously. Our commitment to quality control is evident from beginning to end:

  • Our registered operating system “PAVE TRAQ” will monitor and “TRAQ” your job from the time you first contact us till the end of your 25 year guarantee.
  • Our site foremen will co-ordinate your brick paving installation
  • Our construction manager will oversee the work for you and, upon completion, will carry out a final inspection to ensure that you are completely happy.

We offer high-pressure pave cleaning as well.

This can be done by either our paving teams or our after-sales service team.