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SA Paving is South Africa’s premier brick-paving CONCEPTS DESIGN Company. Established in 1978, SA PAVING boasts over 30 years of industry LEADING standards and quality that has provided South Africans with unrivalled service and product delivery.

We are dedicated to exceeding the clients’ expectations through every step of the process, entrenching, even further, our status as South Africa’s industry leading brick paving concepts design company and paving contractor. Furthermore, we are backed by the MBA, affords our clients peace of mind and security in the knowledge of the pride and confidence we have in our product.

SA Paving branches are located in the cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Services offered

  1. Industry leaders in Residential and Commercial Paving
    SA Paving with a reputation built on quality workmanship, product efficiency and customer loyalty has established itself as South Africa’s leading brick paving concepts design company. Established in 1978, SA Paving has amassed extensive experience over the years in residential and commercial paving.
  2. Committed to service excellence and quality workmanship
    An ethos of providing our customers with quality workmanship and service excellence permeates through everything we do at SA Paving- a commitment that we have been dedicated to for the past thirty years. From concept to completion, we pride ourselves on the impeccable standard of work provided by our expertly trained staff. Our 25 year guarantee along with a collection of CMA awards for excellence is a testament to the high quality and design innovation we provide to our client base throughout South Africa
  3. Product innovation and design concepts
    We only source and use first-grade, SABS approved bricks from established suppliers. With over thirty years’ experience in residential and commercial paving we have made sure to align our old fashion values of quality workmanship and service excellence with an innovative product offering and modern application techniques offering our customers an unrivalled product. We use innovative quick drying cement, reinforced brick force edging as well as variety of sealing options which ensures the colour enhancement and protection of the product. The integration of these purpose designed products allows for innovative, cost effective and reliable methods of optimising the durability and design performance of our paving projects.
  4. Project management specialist
    We utilise comprehensive project management software, Pave Traq- exclusive to SA Paving. Using PaveTraq, we will monitor your paving installation from the moment you contact us for a quote to the end of your 25 year guarantee. With our team of expertly trained staff we will ensure that your paving project will receive personal attention under the attentive eye of a dedicated site foreman who is responsible for coordinating your brick paving installation
    From the initial concept developed by our concept design department to our use of integrated project planning software and construction, we ensure that our attention detail is evident in every part of the paving process.
  5. Industry accreditation
    You can rest assured that you are in the experienced and capable hands of the SA Paving team, We use the MBA standard contract along with our thirty years of industry experience to ensure that the finished product will look flawless and withstand the test of time. SA Paving is recognised industry wide and is a member of the Master Builders Association as well as the Concrete Manufacturers Association.



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